Tough Topicloop

Today I was out with some friends and she had told me that her sister had a miscarriage.  Then proceeded to say she had a picture of the baby, she was 12 weeks when baby’s heart stopped beating.  So out of natural curiosity I looked at the picture, I was stunned!  When I had my ultrasounds around 10-12 weeks the picture always turned out to be a little blob, nothing but a beating heart ever seemed visible.  But here in their hands was a teeny tiny baby, with one arm out and tiny fingers developed on its tiny hands.  You could see eyes, nose, and mouth shapes.  It just makes you think about one of the toughest topics out there, abortion.  I’m not going to say whose right or whose wrong in that type of situation because I personally have never been in that situation and feel that I can’t give an honest answer to it.


Hello world!

So I’ve been debating about getting my own blog.  Finally I thought what the hell, it’s worth a try.  I’ve always felt the need to write things down, maybe other people with get something out of it, if nothing else maybe a laugh.  I thought my first one should be about getting to know me a little bit.  I’m 31, I am married, we have two beautiful girls.  Life has been rough for us and continues to provide us with challenges.  I always feel like we take one step forward and two steps back.  On top of everyday life issues I also deal with severe anxiety.  My parents are still together, and I have one sister whose older than me.  I went to college after high school but never graduated.  And work at a family practice as a patient coordinator, which is a fancy word for the front desk chick.  What I wouldnt give to be a stay at mom.  So I know this post is filled with random facts about me but every single one has a story behind it.  So stay tuned to find out more.